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The price of sex in Frankfurt


The price of sex in Frankfurt depends on the person selling it, and where the work. It’s not just as simple as that though. There is a lot involved. Prostitution is of course legal and widespread in Frankfurt. So there is a lot of different service available from women who are also quite varied. There is a lot to dig into.

In this guide for guys, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the price of sex in Frankfurt. We will break down the various types of prostitutes and sex clubs in Frankfurt. We’ll tell what they are about and how much they charge. Finally, we will tell you about some ways you can find sex for free in Frankfurt if you are not into paying for it.

Rates prostitutes charge in Frankfurt

As we said above, there is a lot of prostitution in Frankfurt. So as you can expect, that means that there are also a lot of different prices. It’s not like every prostitute charges the exact same amount of money for sex. They charge different rates that depend on who they are, where they are, and even what’s going on at the moment. For example, prices at the sex saunas like Oase are pretty much set. But a street hooker can lower her prices if she wants to make a quick buck or is desperate for cash.

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So the main consideration when it comes to the price of sex in Frankfurt is the location or type of venue. After that, in some cases, the biggest factor is going to be the disposition of the woman. As with anywhere you can get lower prices if you are a nice guy, charming, or you catch a woman who really needs money. That will not work in places like the saunas however. There the prices are just set as they are, and you can’t do anything other than pay the previously-established rates.

Here’s a list of the most common prostitutes you will find in Frankfurt, and the prices they usually charge:

  • Street walkers (20 Euros)
  • Apartment brothels(25 Euros)
  • FKK Sex Saunas (50 Euros)
  • Organized brothels (100+ Euros)
  • Escorts (200+ Euros)

As you can see, you can encounter many different kinds of prostitutes in Frankfurt. They will come from all over the world too. It’s nothing to meet Romanian, Moldovan, Spanish, German, Latina and even Chinese women in a single outing to some of the red light districts of Frankfurt. After all, the city is the commercial hub of the country and a lot of Europe. Women who want to be movie stars go to Los Angeles. Women who want to make money selling ass in Europe often go to Frankfurt in the same kind of way.

Types of prostitutes in Frankfurt

Street walkers are self-explanatory. The easiest place to find them in Frankfurt is the so-called tolerance zone. That’s along Theodor-Heuss-Allee just north of the Frankfurt Fairgrounds. You can’t miss them. If you walk or drive around the area, they will demand your attention. If you want to do one, there are a lot of short time rooms nearby. Or you can just get busy behind a bush if you’re adventurous.

Apartment brothels are plentiful in Frankfurt. They’re just like the apartment brothels in Hong Kong. The most popular place for them is the Bahnhofsviertel red light district. Just walk into the neon-lit “ero zone” apartment buildings and start knocking on doors. Or just look at the ladies in the halls. If you want to do one, just make a deal with them. Make sure you get a blowjob and multiple positions before you agree on a price, or you’ll be charged extra in the room.

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The best FKK sex saunas in Frankfurt are Mainhattan, Sharks, and Oase. Prices are set at 50 Euro for a blowjob and sex. You’ll pay more if you want to do anal or give a hooker a facial.

Organized brothels come and go. They have many women working in the same place. Sometimes they have themes like all Asian women. Typically you will find these through online ads. Or you can find out about them in newspapers or through word of mouth. They’re rarely better than the FKK clubs.

Escorts advertise online for the most part. We aren’t going to recommend any escort services. You can hop on Google and find as many as you want in a few minutes. Some of them do bait and switch or use fake pictures. Guys will review various escorts online, which can help. But ultimately, you never really know who is going to show up at your door if you dial up a hooker over the phone.

Finding free sex in Frankfurt

As we have shown above, the price of sex in Frankfurt can range from the laughably cheap to the very expensive. There are options for everyone, as well as some rip offs that don’t actually make any sense. All of the various hookers make money though. You don’t have to buy into it if you don’t want. You can also put in a little leg work and score free sex in Frankfurt.

If you have brushed up on your day game, you can probably get some numbers by just wandering around in Frankfurt and talking to women. Then you just date them and proceed from there. You might also have luck picking up chicks for hookups in the various sexy nightclubs around town. The city isn’t necessarily known for this sort of thing, but it can work. Most of the women can speak English pretty good too, so there isn’t too much of a language barrier.

Otherwise, you will want to stick to online dating. You can try apps like Tinder as well as the various online dating sites. You might even have some success. But chances are that you are going to have to put in a lot of work. If you are just looking to get laid, skip the hassle. Head over to Adult Friend Finder and find some kinky sluts who are looking for hard meat. Then you won’t have to go through the run around of pretending you want romance or more. This is going to be your best bet for finding quick free sex in Frankfurt.

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