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How to meet chubby chicks in Thailand


More and more guys are getting into thick chicks. Maybe it’s because of the culture. We don’t know. But a lot of guys now want women with plenty of back. Asian women have a reputation for being skinny. Thai women were long known for being petite. So a lot of guys want to know how to meet chubby chicks in Thailand, or if it’s even possible.

We made this guide to finding chubby Thai chicks to help you out. Truthfully though, you shouldn’t need much assistance. According to The Nation, 32 percent of Thai people are now overweight. There are more big Thai women than men. It’s almost to the point where it’s easier to find chubby chicks than skinny ones. Here’s where to locate your large lovers.

Chubby chicks in Thailand

Western women have become famous for their heft. The average American woman is now a whopping 169 pounds / 76.5 kilograms. We’re going to assume that you don’t want to meet big white chicks in Thailand. If you do just head for the usual haunts and you should find what you’re looking for. Fat white chicks don’t get much attention in Southeast Asia so you shouldn’t have any problem.

chubby Thai girl in panties

Guys reading this guide probably want to hookup with thick Thai chicks. Asian women stereo-typically don’t have much in the tits and ass department. The truth is plenty of Thai women do have bodies. But if you’re really looking for something to grab onto, you can’t go wrong with husky Thai women. Hey, chubby Thai chicks need love too.

As per usual, chubby chicks are usually a lot easier to deal with too. Sure you might have to take them out to eat twice as much, but otherwise they don’t ask for much. Plus, big girls have a reputation for giving great head. If you ask us why, we’ll give you the age old answer: “because they have to be.”

Where to meet thick Thai chicks

Like we said earlier, one third of the Thai population is overweight. In our experience there are more big Thai girls than Thai guys. So it’s not hard to find chubby Thai women. You can see them everywhere. Even a lot of the go go bars are filled with big girls now. And don’t get us started on the beer bars!

Just because big girls are everywhere doesn’t mean they are easy to meet though. Bar girls are simple, but what about civilians? If you want to hook up with Thai girls it requires a little effort. Even if you’re willing to go with fat Thai women it’s not as simple as hanging out in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet in Bangkok with a box of candy.

The biggest issue as always is language. Most Thai people don’t speak English. If you learn to speak Thai you have access to millions of women. If you can’t speak the language your options are more limited. You’re definitely not out of luck at all though.

Dating sites and apps

As usual your best bet to meet chubby chicks in Thailand comes from dating sites and apps. We’re tempted just to tell you to fire up Tinder and start swiping. If you can get past all the ladyboys you are sure to find some big Thai babes who will meet you. We’ve had a lot of success just being open with our wants and desires. A surprising number of chubby Thai girls are waiting to meet foreign guys. Either that or they can’t just can’t resist a free meal.

Thai Friendly

Tinder can be tough to deal with though. You have to go through a lot of profile to meet anyone decent. Even then you will probably have to deal with the language barrier again. A lot of women on Tinder are just looking for validation and a boost to their self-esteem. They want to meet other Thai guys or they don’t want to meet at all.

That’s why we recommend Thai Friendly. Whether you are into chubby Thai girls or not, you can’t find a better place than Thai Friendly. If you have read our other posts you know that we recommend every guy going to Thailand get a Thai Friendly account. It’s filled with thousands of women in every part of Thailand, and they all want to meet foreign guys like you.

When you’re on Thai Friendly you can comb through all the accounts and find the kind of women you like. Most of them can speak some English. All of them are looking to meet with foreign guys. It’s really easy to meet Thai women on Thai Friendly. If you focus on the bigger ladies you’ll have ever better results. There’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to open a Thai Friendly account if you’re a guy in Thailand.

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