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Our review of Dozo Massage


Dozo is a wonderful massage parlor in Bangkok specializing in full service nuru massage. They have a huge building with well designed private rooms on Sukhumvit Soi 33. This is a top location right in the heat of the action.

Bangkok is full of massage parlors of every kind. Many of them are average at best. That may even be too kind. Dozo Massage is a top massage shop that we always find well worth the visit.

When you walk into Dozo Massage they are friendly and welcoming. They have a nice big lobby area with comfortable couches where you can relax. There they show you the menu with prices and bring out the women.

What is Dozo Massage like?

Dozo Massage is located right on Soi 33. If you’re coming from Sukhumvit Road it’s on the left hand side. It is only a very short walk to Dozo Massage and the place would be hard to miss. The shop is located up some stairs in a big open courtyard.

The shop is just to the left of the Sakura Sky Restaurant. It’s right in there with the S33 hotel. There are plenty of signs on the door showing you the way. Though if you see the big sign for Demonia, you’ve gone too far.

When you first come inside you’ll see a desk with an attendant. They lead you over to the lobby area which is cool and comfortable. After you look over the menu they bring out the full lineup of ladies from the back room. There are some really beautiful women here. They are also excellent at doing full service massage and erotic nuru services.

The private rooms are located up some steps. They are large and clean. The ladies know the way around and are excellent guides. Our favorite thing to do is just lay back and enjoy the ride. We’ve had some really fantastic rides at Dozo Massage too! Some of the babes here are excellent on top.

How much does it cost?

The prices at Dozo Massage are totally fair. Rates depend on the number of ladies and the length of any appointment. But you can be sure that they are charging the going rate for the area. They actually charge less than some nearby competitors who have much worse shops!

The biggest deal for us is the nuru massage. They have big rooms designed precisely for this service. On the one side there is a wet area with a shower and inflatable nuru mat. On the other side there is a dry area with a big firm bed.

Dozo Massage is one of our favorite places in all of Bangkok. We are always sure to stop in whenever we find ourselves in Bangkok. They always have attractive ladies, good prices, clean rooms, and excellent full service.

If you would like more information about this wonderful Thai massage parlor take a look at the Dozo Massage Website. It has all the info including, pictures of the chicks, a map of the location, and contact information.

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