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Our review of Aurora Massage in Bangkok


Aurora Massage is a rising star in the Bangkok massage parlor circuit. This is really a top notch erotic massage shop filled with hot babes who know how to leave their customers completely happy and fulfilled.

When people ask us why we spend so much time in Thailand we usually lie and say we like the golf courses and beaches. In fact we really like Aurora Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok!

There we can get the full Japanese soapland experience without the hassle and expense of actually traveling to Japan. Not to mention that most of the soaplands in Tokyo won’t even let us through the door. That’s not the case at Aurora Massage where we are always welcomed with open arms.

What is Aurora Massage like?

Aurora Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33. This is a cool area with lots of Japanese restaurants and shops. If you walk up Soi 33 from Sukhumvit Road you will find Aurora Massage on the right hand side. It is just past the S33 Compact Sukhumvit hotel.

Like we said Aurora Massage has a kind of setup that you might find at a genuine soapland in Japan. This isn’t some fly by night shop with lazy ladies who don’t want to work. You’re looking at a place run on the Asian ethic, where expert masseuses work every knot out with ease!

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They also offer a nuru and oil massage service which is simply out of this world. If you can imagine having a fit Thai babe covered in slippery lotion sliding all over your body than you’ll have a good idea of what this entails. There’s a reason it is so popular!

The rooms are really nice here. They designed them specifically to match up with the massage parlor service, and they keep them totally clean. They even have a shower zone in each room where the wet play happens. If you’ve ever seen a Japanese AV movie with that big silver mat then you know what to expect.

How much does it cost?

Despite being one of the best places we’ve visited in Bangkok, Aurora Massage is actually one of the least expensive! A 40 minute standard massage at Aurora only costs 2000 Baht. We’ve spent more than that on dinner before.

A one hour massage at Aurora is just 2400 Baht. If you want to turn it into a nuru or oil massage than you pay another 500 Baht, which is still quite a deal from our perspective.

Being top blokes with a taste for high society, we always like to splurge and go all in with a 120 minutes, two-lady massage in the VIP room with Jacuzzi. Even then we only have to spend 8100 Baht for the pleasure. This is totally fair from our view!

If you want more information about this amazing place take a look at the Aurora Massage website which has all the information, pictures of the chicks, a map of the location, and contact information.

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