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How to meet women in Medellin, Colombia


Colombian women have a reputation for being some of the hottest chicks in the world. They are hot and spicy. They get down in the bed just like they do on the dance floor. Now that the murder rate in Colombia has dropped to manageable levels many guys are going there. Of course they want to know how to meet women in Medellin!

We made this guide on meeting women in Medellin to help you out. After you read this, you’ll know where and how to meet Colombian women in Medellin without running into any trouble. As they say in the guide books, “know before you go!”

Meeting women in Medellin

Colombia isn’t dangerous as it used to be, but it’s no Singapore either. You have to be careful even now. Most foreigners stay in the El Poblado area of Medellin for that reason. You can move about freely without much worry, but you should still pay attention. Remember to stay safe when you are in Medellin. Take basic precautions. There are a lot of stories of guys having their drinks spiked in Colombia.

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If you want to try out your day game, we recommend hanging around El Poblado or taking an Uber car to one of the shopping malls. You shouldn’t get into much trouble in those areas. You’re more likely to find women used to meeting foreign guys too. If you can speak Spanish you have a lot more opportunities here. If you can’t, either learn Spanish or make due with slow speaking and body language.

At night you have some more options. El Poblado is still the area you want to stay in. After dark it comes more alive. You can meet a lot of people hanging around the park. Just know that some of the friendly women there are actually freelance prostitutes. If that’s your thing, you are in luck. If not, just talk to some of the other girls in the area. You can also go to a nightclub like Sixttina and try to pick up a chick. It gets really busy on the weekends, but you better know how to dance.

Dating websites and apps

Dating websites and apps work really well for meeting women in Medellin. You can find a real mix of ladies on the sites that range from the traditional Latina in search of love to the gold digger working on her next score.

A lot of guys in Medellin use Tinder and Facebook to find females. Tinder is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is start swiping. Facebook is a little different. You have to make a friend or two in Medellin then start combing through their friends to find women you want to talk to.

A good number of women on Tinder and Facebook in Medellin are what’s known as “prepagos.” That is a local term that basically means freelancer. They are happy to meet you, but they are going to want money. It’s basically prostitution with a human face. The prepagos rarely come right out and say they are call girls, so be prepared. Look for hints that will let you know. Eventually the conversation will turn to money. Prostitution is legal in Colombia so it’s not a big deal. If you are willing to go the pay-for-play route, you can have a good time.

Get a Colombian girlfriend

If you are serious about meeting women in Medellin you might want to get a Colombian girlfriend. Finding a full time girlfriend isn’t going to be as easy as picking up a chick for a good time, but it is worth the effort. Just get an account at Latin Love and start looking for women. Chat with the ones you like. That’s all there really is to it.

When you have a girlfriend everything is safer and easier. You don’t have to spend time trying to find company every night of the week. Colombian women know how to keep things fun and interesting too. So you won’t get bored anytime soon.

A great thing about Latin America is that most people speak the same language. So you don’t have to try to learn ten languages to get around or meet women. If you do learn Spanish, you can get out and start hunting on sites like Facebook. It’s still very popular in Colombia.

If you just want to find a prepagos or maybe a quick fling, you can stick with Tinder and Facebook. But if you are serious about getting a girlfriend or even finding a Colombian wife, we highly recommend you throw a wide net. Check out Facebook plus any dating sites you find. It doesn’t cost much and the benefits are immense.

Another benefit of using a dating website is that you can communicate. If you can’t speak Spanish it doesn’t harm you that much. You can use Google translate or something similar to turn your words from English into Spanish. You can easily figure out what she’s saying the same way. This is a huge bonus and it can really help.

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