How to get ED medication over the internet


Did you know that you can get erectile dysfunction meds right over the internet? You don’t even have to leave your house to get a hold of these miracle drugs. There’s no need to worry about visiting a doctor or dealing with the shame of impotence during a face to face meeting. You just go through a few easy steps and the medication is sent right to your door.

For thousands of years when guys lost their got old, feeble or just plain stressed out and lost their ability to get hard and stay hard, they had no real recourse. Sure there have always been folk remedies around, but the science shows that none of them really work. That’s why none were ever turned into medicine and sold on a mass scale. All of the stuff sold has been bogus, especially including the fake over the counter herbs and spices that phonies push today.

Real ED medication

Everything changed when real erectile dysfunction medicine was finally developed. Sildenafil seems to be the first one created by modern medical science. It happened by accident in the late 1980’s. Doctors were working on a medication for heart-related chest pain. Instead they found an active ingredient that helps guys get it up. Sildenafil was originally marketed under the brand name Viagra in the United States in 1998. In 2017, it finally became available as a generic medication.

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Things didn’t stop there. The next major effective medicine developed for erectile dysfunction was Tadalafil. The main difference between Tadalafil and Sildenafil is the half life. While Tadalafil has a 3-4 hour half-life, Sildenafil has an effectiveness for up to 36 hours. Tadalafil was approved for use in the United States in 2003. It was marketed under the name Cialis until generic versions became available in 2018.

Getting erectile dysfunction meds

It’s clear that ED meds have been a real game changer. They allow people who couldn’t have sex to get back in the game. They can also help others too. That’s why they are so popular and widely talked about. Knowledge of these once unknown medicines is now so widespread that people joke about using them to raise sunken ships off the ocean floor.

The problem for many is that acquiring erectile dysfunction medication has always required a trip to the doctor. Because the real ED meds are only available by prescription. For the millions who don’t have health insurance, this is a real issue. But it can also be an issue for people who simply don’t want to admit an inability to get a strong erection in a face to face meeting with another person who could even be an attractive woman. It is understandable that you might not want to call up for a doctor’s appointment and tell the person on the phone that the reason is you can’t keep a hard on. That’s where the revolutionary new Blue Chew medication comes in.

What is Blue Chew?

The Blue Chew website connects people who need ED medication with doctors who are able to provide them. And it is all done over the internet and through the mail. So there is no need to do any traveling or deal with potentially embarrassing in-person appointments. You can also avoid going to a pharmacy and letting everyone there know you are using ED meds. You simply wait for the medication to show up in your mail box!

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After going through a short online consultation at the Blue Chew site you can get access to the erectile dysfunction medication that you need to improve your sex life. The medical professionals at Blue Chew are able to prescribe chewable pills that contain either Sildenafil or Tadalafil. As described earlier, these active ingredients have been available for years. But it is only now that they have become so easily accessible for people in the United States.

Who can get it?

Obviously you have to be at least eighteen years of age to get ED medication through Blue Chew. You do have to show identification to prove your age. But this is no major imposition. Especially when compared to all the rigamarole involved in going to see a doctor in person then getting a prescription filled at a pharmacy.

As stated earlier, Blue Chew is only available for people in the United States right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the website if you are somewhere else in the world. It just means that you won’t be able to do a consultation and order the medicine.

But if you are in the United States, there is probably no easier way to get ED medication. You can visit the website and have a prescription in no time. After that, it is just a matter of selecting a subscription option and waiting for your regular deliveries of medicine to arrive.

What about HUGE?

Another great option for getting ED meds over the internet is called Huge. The Huge website connects you with doctors who can prescribe FDA approved medicine containing the same active ingredients that are found in Cialis (tadalafil) and Viagra (sildenafil).

Once a physician working at Huge ascertains that you are a good candidate for these medicines, they will let you know. Then you can sign up for a plan that meets your needs. You can choose how often you want to receive your medication depending on your budget and personal requirements.

Huge makes ED medicine available to men living in almost all of the United States. If you live in Alaska, Louisianan, Minnesota, or South Carolina you cannot use Huge at this time. if you live in any other state, you are eligible for this service.

What does it cost?

As we said, both Blue Chew and Huge work on subscription models. This is only logical. What guy would just want to improve his erections and sex life for a couple of days then simply give it all up? To say that is unlikely would be a major understatement.

The prices for the different Blue Chew subscriptions are very reasonable. This stuff costs way less than the brand name pills do. For example, the Active option costs just $20 a month! There are also appropriately named options that deliver more medicine at a slightly higher price. The Busy option is $30 a month. The Popular option is $50 a month and gives you a very good supply.

At Huge the basic plan costs just $29.99 per month. Premium and deluxe options are also available at higher rates. They of course deliver more ed medicine for those who live an active sexual lifestyle. You can select your own plan and change it at any time.

As you can see these are very good rates considering all that you get. The prices would be very hard to beat, even if you weren’t getting convenient service right in the comfort of your own home. We can’t find anything wrong with these setups at all. Our only complaint is that it is limited to the US. But that isn’t the fault of the companies discussed here. In conclusion we feel totally confident in recommending both Blue Chew and Huge for people in the United States who need ED medication. It certainly seems to be the best option.

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