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How hard is it to hook up in Seoul?


South Korean women are now world famous for their good looks and sensuality. It is no coincidence that K-Pop videos focus on sexy Korean women doing sexy dances. Korean women are hot, and most of them live in the capital. So a lot of guys want to know if it is hard to hook up in Seoul.

In this guide to meeting South Korean women in Seoul, we are going to tell you about the various options you have as a man. We’ll tell you where and how you can meet women in Seoul. We’ll also tell you about places that are better off to avoid if you want to hook up. This should give you a good start.

Hookup in Seoul

Any guy going to Seoul wants to know about South Korean women. They also want to know if it is possible to hook up in Seoul. Of course it is, but it’s not an easy task. There are other cities like Bangkok where it is much easier to hook up. But if you want to have sex with Korean women, it is the main location you are going to want to focus on.

Korean sexy bra

There’s no question that South Korean women are sexy. It’s neither difficult or impossible to hookup in Seoul. It does take some work to get Korean women in bed though. It’s not as simple as showing up with a phone and round eyes unfortunately.

South Korea has one of the biggest prostitution industries in the world. That should help explain what sex is like in the country. Even the local guys just give up and resort to paying for sex most of the time. Something like 7 out of every 10 guys regularly goes to hookers in South Korea. They just don’t want to deal with the hassles of trying to hook up.

Day game is hit or miss

It is possible to run day game in Seoul, but it is really hit or miss. There are two big things that stand in your way. The first is the language barrier. The second is the cultural barrier. These are major obstacles that can’t readily be ignored.

South Koreans have to study English for many years in school. In reality though, most of them are not good at speaking English. Or at least they are not confident in their English speaking abilities. Some Korean women in Seoul will even freeze up, run away, or totally ignore you if you try to randomly speak to them in the streets. If you really want to pick up, you will have to learn Korean. That’s no easy task though. Korean is one of the most difficult languages there are.

The cultural aspect is even harder to get around. The plain fact is that guys just don’t go up to girls randomly in Seoul. It’s not something that happens regularly if at all. People in Seoul don’t really talk to strangers unless they absolutely have to. As a foreigner, you already stick out in homogeneous South Korea. Start talking to people randomly, and you might look like a real odd ball. Unless of course, you are in Itaewon.

Foreigner chasers in Itaewon

If you have read our guide to Hooker Hill, then you already know that Itaweon is the main “foreigner area” in Seoul. Koreans know that too. Itaewon is like the Roppongi of Seoul. So women interested in meeting foreigners usually go there to hunt for man meat. These “foreigner chasers” usually speak some English and are among the easiest to get into bed.

Foreigner chasers aren’t going to be point and bang like the Hooker Hill prostitutes, but you won’t be paying either. You can meet them all around Itaewon. That means on the streets or in clubs like Cake Shop and B One. They have strange names, but Seoul can be a strange place for foreigners!

You’re not limited to Seoul of course. You can go all over Seoul. The truth is you will be ignored in most places though, especially if you don’t speak any Korean. If you end up at a place like Mass in Gangnam you might see a lot of princesses and K-Pop style girls, but your chances at actually picking any of them up are slim-to-none. This is the sad reality.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on Itaewon and the so-called foreigner chasers. They are really going to offer you your best bet at hooking up in Seoul. Especially if you are new to the city and the culture. You can learn from them too. Spend some time with these girls and pick up on Korean language and culture. Then maybe in the future you can even scoop up a sexy idol from a hot club in Gangnam!

Online dating can work with patience

Online dating is probably the best route to go in Seoul. In some cities it can be hit or miss. In Seoul, it gives you the most opportunity to talk to a lot of women. This helps weed out the time wasters, xenophobes, and those who can’t speak English.

Obviously the best place to find Korean women online is Tinder. There are many Korean women there. Many but not all of them are interested in meeting foreigners. They may also be looking for local Korean guys.

The main thing about online dating in Seoul is that you have to have patience. Even if you use Tinder you are not going to find any immediate hookups. It’s not like Bangkok where you can match and meet up twenty minutes later. South Korean women take a long time to reply, at least until you get their Kakaotalk ID. Even then, meeting up takes a lot of planning and foresight. So if you’re going the online route, you should start chatting with girls now. That way you can line up dates for the time you actually arrive.

Once you meet a woman face-to-face in Seoul, you have a lot better chance. Just set up cheap dates at coffee shops. Then if everything goes well, suggest you move on to other places. Seoul is a modern city. The women can be too. It’s not that tough to transition from meeting once to twice to making love in the privacy of your room or a nice love hotel.

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