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Guide to happy ending massage in Seoul


South Korea becomes more visible every day. The Korean wave has hit the world, and all kinds of people are interested in the country. The hot Korea chicks are a part of the reason for that. A lot of guys are now looking at South Korea as a place to be. Most guys who travel to South Korea pass through the capital. So it’s no surprise that they want to know about happy ending massage in Seoul.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Seoul’s erotic massage scene. We’ll list names and locations of massage parlors. We’ll also tell you what they’re like and how much they charge. Not every shop is open to foreigners, but enough are to keep guys happy.

Happy ending massage in Seoul

When we talk about a happy ending massage, we mean a real massage that includes a hand job or blowjob. There are plenty of places to get full sex in Seoul like Hooker Hill. We aren’t going to talk about any of those places in this post however.

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Every bit of information available says South Korea has one of the biggest prostitution industries in the world. Most Korean guys go to some kind of prostitute in their lives. A lot of them do it on a regular basis. So, there is a lot of prostitution in South Korea.

The thing is, there is a lot of xenophobia in South Korea. Anyone who has dated a Korean girl in Korea probably knows about it. You can also find about this first hand if you try to go to most prostitutes in South Korea. They will simply turn you down or ignore you outright. It seems more about the guys than anything. They don’t want “dirty foreigners” polluting their hookers, or something like that.

Foreigner-friendly massage parlors in Seoul

Thankfully, not everyone buys into this stuff. There are places that are happy to welcome in non-Koreans. That includes a few happy ending massage parlors. The cool thing is that these are usually really good massage parlors with hot chicks inside. So it’s not as bad as it might seem at first glance.

The best foreigner-friendly happy ending massage parlors in Seoul are:

  • Belle Massage (Gangnam)
  • Cool Massage (Gangnam)
  • Jinju Massage (Sinnhonhyeon)
  • Tiffany Massage (Sinnhonhyeon)

All of these places offer a similar service. There can be options though. Usually, you can get a straight massage with topless handjob or blowjob finish. Then there will be options for multiple women, and maybe multiple happy endings. For example at Jinju, an older woman gives you a real good massage. Then at the end she starts massaging your balls. Once you get an erection, a hot woman in her twenties comes in, pulls out her tits, and finishes you off by mouth. Just ask at the front desk if you want to know what you’re in for.

Price of a happy ending in Seoul

What is the price of a happy ending in Seoul? That depends. It doesn’t really matter if you get a handjob or blowjob though. It just depends on the location and how many women are involved. At Belle and Cool you can get a topless handjob massage for 90,000 Won. The massage and hot babe blowjob follow up service at Jinju is 130,000 Won. The same service at Tiffany is 160,000 Won.

Don’t expect cheap massage or sex in South Korea. It is not a poor country. It is on par with western countries. In some respects, it even passes them up. You’ll see a very clean city in Seoul, and you’ll enjoy real safety. There’s nearly no crime, the public transportation is great, and the internet is very fast. These kinds of things come with a cost though. There is cost for the people who live there, and those of us who travel to Seoul too.

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