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The Korean wave continues to sweep the world. Korean music and cinema is becoming more popular by the day. Super-hot Korean women are the fapping fodder of many a man. It’s no coincidence that guys all around the world want to know all there is to know about escorts in South Korea.

Before the days of the internet, men were left roaming around blind. Maybe they could find a kind taxi driver to help them. Otherwise they were out of luck. Well the future is here friends! This guide will teach you all about escorts in South Korea. You will learn where to find Korean escorts, what they do with customers, and how much they charge.

Escorts in South Korea

There are some escort services in South Korea. Some have been around for many others. Others just come and go. This is understandable. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, even though there are many redlight districts in the country.

Escorts can get through by saying that they only charge people for their companionship. They don’t actually sell sex. In reality, most escorts on a one or two hour session are having sex with their customers. Even if some guys hang out with escorts we know that most dudes are banging them.

South Korean escorts

According to studies, a lot of Korean men use prostitutes. But most Korean guys don’t mess around with escorts. Instead they go to in-call locations. There are karaokes, massage parlors, kiss rooms, and a whole lot more in South Korea. Sadly, most of them don’t take foreign customers.

That might be why there are several escort agencies in Seoul that serve foreigners. They have websites in English instead of Korean. Clearly, they want to get foreign customers and not Koreans. You will see a lot of pictures on their websites. Most of them are taken from other sources. It’s rare for agency escorts in South Korea to use real pictures.

Escort agencies in Seoul charge $220 or more. The fact that they list their prices in US dollars instead of local currency shows what they are aiming at too. These places are meant for foreigners. So the prices can be high and the service can be lower than what a local might expect.

A handful of independent escorts also work in Seoul. Some of them are very popular. They all work with foreigners. Most of them will not work with Korean guys. They charge a lot more than the escort agencies. But they post their own real pictures and are more likely to speak English. So there is a trade off. You can find these escorts online. The veterans will have several reviews. Independent escorts thrive on feedback. They might expect you to have some too. Many of the most popular escorts will only work with guys they can “verify.”

Dating South Korean women

Escorts have their place. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be around. In today’s modern economy there’s only room for that which is needed. If people weren’t looking for escorts, there wouldn’t be any escort services popping up.

If you are looking for some very quick action or an instant dinner date in Seoul, you might not have any better choice than calling up an escort. There is risk involved of course. We can’t recommend that you do anything that would get you in trouble.

We can recommend that you invest some time in dating. For the amount of money you can spend with escorts, you could sign up for dating sites and take out several Korean women. You would likely have a more fun and fulfilling time. You might even end up with something serious if that’s what you are looking for.

We find that a lot of Korean women are intensely overworked. That’s is maybe the biggest obstacle in dating Korea women. Another problem can be hostility towards foreigners. It’s not a big thing, but it is there. Language can also be a problem. Koreans study English in school, but many of them have a hard time using it in real situations.

We suggest that you meet women on Asian Dating sites. There are more than 500,000 members on the Asian dating sites. All of them are interested in meeting foreigners. Most of them can speak English too. Even if they don’t, it’s easy to utilize Google translate to communicate on the sites. Tinder and sites like it have lots of members in South Korea, but they aren’t very active. You aren’t likely to meet many Korean women that way.

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