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Sex at the Showpark red light districts in Prague


Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, but there are not really any red light districts in Prague. Instead there are two closed businesses owned by Showpark that are filled with prostitutes. They are like red light districts. They just have one common owner.

You can think of the Showpark places like shopping malls. Showpark owns the mall and the individual prostitutes rent out space to sell. It’s like going to the big Central Festival in Pattaya, except you’ll be shopping for blowjobs and pussy instead of flip flops and hats.

The women in Showpark are self-employed independents. They rent a room from Showpark. You pay an admission fee to get in to the place. Inside you can mingle with the prostitutes. There are some stages and a bar but it’s not like a strip club. It’s just a self contained red light district type of place where you can buy sex.

There are two Showparks in Prague. We are going to tell you about both of of them. They have the same owner, which is why they have the same kind of name. They are both the same kind of brothels too. But they are not totally identical. They have different feelings inside.

Showpark DaVINCI

Showpark DaVINCI is in a classical old building near I.P. Pavlova Square. It is in one of the busiest parts of Prague. If you visit Prague as a tourist you will probably end up around there anyway. It can’t hurt to stop in to see what the fuss is about.

Showpark DaVINCI opens at 6:00 in the evening. It closes at 6:00 in the morning. You don’t really have to worry about the time you show up. The prostitutes are living inside the place. There will always be some hookers around. If you want to avoid crowds you can come in the early evening or the early morning. Some drunk guys start to pile in around eleven or midnight.

The admission price is 240 Koruna. You give it to a stern faced guy behind a counter, then he lightens up and welcomes you inside. There you will find yourself inside a rather large bar. There are many televisions and some small stages with stripper poles.

Prostitutes at Showpark DaVINCI

The prostitutes normally hang around in the bar. They will approach you or you can approach them. Who speaks first is a matter of situation. Usually the more desperate women will come up to you first. There are also hustlers who are just good at running game. They aren’t desperate because they make a lot of money. Some of the women have a high idea of themselves. They won’t approach anyone.

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You can find about twenty or thirty women in Showpark DaVINCI. You probably won’t see many Czech women. Maybe you can’t tell the difference anyway. There are usually women from other parts of Europe there. They come from Romania, Moldova and even Italy. Typically there will be a few Africans who stick together like a team. Sometimes you will see a Russian woman inside too.

Most of the women are going to be in their thirties. Some are going to be a little older. If you luck out, you might find some women in their twenties. Don’t expect to run into any supermodels though. Some very hot European women do show up from time to time but they are an exception. If you get your hopes up, you might be disappointed.

Sex at Showpark DaVINCI

If you want to have sex, all you have to do is ask. Theoretically they could turn you down, but they probably won’t unless you’re missing half your head. Even then they’ll probably take you right in. The price for sex is 1500 Koruna. You have to pay it when you get in the room, before you have any sex.

The sex is had in the rooms rented to the hookers. Every prostitute in Showpark DaVINCI has her own room. You will even see her stuff spread around inside. It’s like going to a girl’s hotel room. You will take a shower. She probably will too. Then you’ll get a blowjob with a condom and sex in a few positions. Don’t expect a girlfriend experience. This is a red light type of place. That means you get some mechanical sex and nothing more.

If you want cold hard sex on the quick, Showpark DaVINCI is for you. The low admission rate and variety of women makes it a good place to have sex with a few ladies in a short time. You won’t break the bank even if you decide to bang two or three of them in a row.

Showpark Market

Showpark Market is more popular than Showpark DaVINCI. We think it is a little better too. For some reason, Showpark Market gives off a more happening European red light district kind of a vibe. Showpark DaVINCI can sometimes feel a bit like a dive bar inside. There is a certain air of desperation that just doesn’t feel like a party. The prostitutes at Showpark Market seem to be a little happier. We don’t really know why that is. They both do the same thing. It is just a different kind of atmosphere.

Showpark Market is located near the HoleŇ°ovice Market by the river. The famous castle isn’t far away either. We aren’t sure which Showpark is in the busier area. Neither one is out of the way. If you’re staying somewhere central you could even walk to both places.

Admission at Showpark Market is 350 Koruna. That’s more expensive than DaVINCI. But Market opens at noon and closes at 6:00 in the morning. Your ticket is good for 24 hours. So you actually get more value for your money.

Inside there are many show rooms where you can browse the available women. They hang out in front of their doors, so you get more of a red light district kind of a feeling. With more than fifty rooms filled with women you have quite a selection.

There is a “strip bar” downstairs but it doesn’t get as much attention as you might think. A lot of prostitutes probably don’t want to dance on stage if it is not going to earn them extra money. They would rather wait for paying customers to do them in a room.

Prostitutes at Showpark Market

As we said, there are more than fifty prostitutes at Showpark Market. They rent out the rooms there because it is a popular place. These women know they can find customers if they hang out at Showpark Market. They don’t even necessarily have to approach anyone or put on the charm.

Czech hooker in a private room

With twice as many prostitutes at Showpark Market you expect more of a variety. You might find that. Then again you might not. The hookers are Showpark Market are mostly European. You might see some Africans or Latinas, but don’t go in expecting it. You could be disappointed.

We are tempted to say that the women at Showpark Market look a little better. That would be silly however. Because the women are independents. They can come and go as they please. Even if we told you there were 40 models working there today, there is no guarantee of who would be there tomorrow.

You can expect to see women in their thirties at Showpark Market. If you find some hot women in their twenties, consider it a pleasant surprise. It does happen. Those women are also the most popular when they appear. With little to go by other than looks, guys gravitate to the hottest hookers.

Sex at Showpark Market

A cool thing about Showpark Market is that you can see all the available hookers on your phone. When you enter just connect to the Wifi and they will all popup for you to see. So you don’t really have to hunt around on foot unless you want to.

The women at Showpark Market want 1500 Koruna for sex just like the ladies at DaVINCI. That gets you a short bit of sucking and sex with a condom in their private rooms. If you want to extend things longer than the typical short session, you will have to pay more. Rates are somewhat negotiable but there is a sort of market rule in place.

Showpark Market is the place to go if you want to feel a more friendly atmosphere. You are not going to get a girlfriend experience, but the attitudes are a little less mercenary. There are more ladies to look at and chose from too. The entrance fee is a little higher, but it’s not going to make a major difference to your bottom line. You can even visit both places in the same day pretty easily. It is pretty easy to get around in Prague.

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