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Bada Bing A Gogo


Bada Bing is a Gogo Bar located on Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok. It has been described by many as the best Gogo Bar in Patpong. Some even call it the best Gogo Bar in Bangkok.

Thai hooker from Bada Bing agogo creampied
I Barfined Her In Bada Bing A Gogo

Most Drinks in Bada Bing A Gogo go far about 200 Thai Baht. A bottle goes for 1500 Thai Baht.

Barfines start at 700 Thai Baht, depending on the category chosen.

Dancers In Bada Bing A Gogo are known to be young, fit and beautiful.

The video linked above serves as a prime example of the type of Dancer one might encounter at Bada Bing A Gogo.

Bada Bing has an average Google Review Rating of 3.9 Stars. That is higher than some of its competitors. Nevertheless, there are some negative reviews out there.

Used to be patpong’s best gogo bar where you could enjoy great music and still chat and have a social time. Now the loud music and laziness of the staff make it a place to avoid.

Be careful about this bar – they cheat on the bill. A lot.

This place is filled with thieves from the manager to the doorman.  Asked for change to tip the girls and the doorman stole 200 baht from the 1,000 baht.  The dancer explained to him the problem and he corrected the change.   The owner brings me a beer…on the menu it says 140 baht but I was charged 200 baht.  Never again will return.

What a boring place… The women are are not really beautiful, not well dressed and really not motivated (go to Nana  or Soi cowboy instead!!).

They don’t care about you, the prices of the drinks are 25% more than Nana or Soi Cowboy.

The music is super commercial and the atmosphere is cold.

Went here first, based on recommendations. It was early in the night on a Wednesday but the place was dead. Had one drink and moved to King’s Castle. Castle was 1000% better. Seriously….no comparison. See for yourself. Very disappointed with Bada Bing.

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