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Advancements in sex dolls


Have you guys been keeping up with all the advancements in adult dolls in recent years? If you thought self driving cars and the colonization of Mars was a big deal, wait until you see some of the things they’ve come out with for us to sink our swollen members into!

Some of the new sex dolls that have been released over the last few years are absolutely cock stiffening! Why waste your time trying to date stuck up women who make you beg for a shot and the slit when you can have your own ready and willing doll tucked up under the bed?

When you get a hard on, all you have to do is pull her out and lube her up and she’s ready to go. The best thing about sex dolls is that they never say no. The second best thing is that they are pretty economical!

Depending on your age you might remember when a very famous doll came out and made major waves. Originally released back in 1996, it was the first truly realistic sex doll. It was such a big topic of discussion in society that it appeared on everything from radio shows to movies and even cartoons like Family Guy!

The biggest problem with that very famous doll was the cost. Early models were thousands of dollars each. You can’t really blame the designers though. They were industry leaders that paved the way for everything else. Still, you basically had to be rich to buy a quality silicone sex doll in the 1990’s.

These days everything has changed. Now we have women with penises and totally affordable sex doll options. You can get lifelike blonde sex dolls sent directly to your door for as little as $919. That’s a lot less than a flight to Bangkok!

Some of these dolls are damn hot. There’s one that looks like Pamela Anderson before she got old and gross and another that looks like Britney Spears before she went batshit insane. Why beat your dick to old memories of washed up entertainers when you can butt fuck nearly identical copies of them instead?

Imagine all the fun you could have. A couple celebrity look alike dolls, a big bottle of lubricant and a case of beer could lead to some really fun Oscar parties! You could be watching Madonna’s plastic face on the screen while you fuck a plastic face in your bed. The possibilities are truly endless.

The team is here is really into the big tits sex doll scene. This is where the technology has really picked up. The giant hooters on some of these silicone sluts are more realistic than the plastic jugs bolted on to your friendly neighbor hookers. Plus you can actually fuck the dolls, so they are clearly superior in every way.

In our experience you actually get better conversation out of the sex dolls than the average American stripper too. Plus sex dolls don’t stink or stare blankly into their phone screen while you beg for female attention. You can just pull it out and slide it in with a sex doll. Just like nature intended!

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