2D vs 3D chicks

2D Women vs. Real Women


Here’s a life and death question for all the guys out there: are 2D chicks better than 3D chicks? In other words, are drawings or machine created images of women better than the living breathing women we encounter in the real world?

A guy asking a question like this would have been laughed out of many a neighborhood years ago. He might even get his ass kicked!. But these days you would be more likely to get a split decision. The new generation of guys is into wearing pony tails, drinking soy lattes and fantasizing about their 2D waifus. No, we’re not joking.

There is a big meme going around the internet about how much superior fake 2D renderings are to real women. Why? Well the memesters will tell you it’s because 2D chicks don’t fight, argue, make demands, with hold sex, fart, shit, or do anything else. Because, you know, they don’t actually exist.

Even a yellow journalism outlet like Newsweek will tell: Gen Z isn’t really into sex. Well at least not the kind we like. You know, the outdated old version where you stick your hard male cock into a wet female vagina. A lot of them are cool with pulling on their dicks while watching weird cartoons from Japan though.

What is to be done about this? Probably nothing. On the one hand, we don’t even think there is really anything that could be done. Think about it. They actually try paying people to cum in pussies in Japan and even that doesn’t work. On the other hand, why should anything be done? If guys like cartoons then guys like cartoons. Right?

What do we care if weird ass furries want to dress up like blue werewolves and howl at the Hentai-Moon? It makes no difference to us. After all, we are live and let live kind of a guys. So we won’t get in the way of these dudes knocking their dicks around to animated sex as long as they don’t interfere when we are fucking their moms in the next room.

Closet dong mashers don’t bother us in the least. They do their thing and we do ours. We actually think it helps all horny dudes with hard dicks and a need to breed. Because we don’t have to battle with other dudes over women. As your grandfather can attest, there’s nothing worse than fighting a bunch of dudes trying to jam their junk into the same hot slots.

The way we look at it, the more guys who stay at home beating off to Hentai-Moon videos the better. That means there will be less competition for us when we go out on the prowl trying to score some real cooter. It means shorter lines at all of our favorite brothels too! We hate lining up for a blowjobs.

Don’t get us wrong though. If we didn’t have the option to stick our erect pricks into some authentic coochie we might stay at home fucking rubber holes and watching cartoon orgies. So we are certainly not knocking the next man’s way of meat beating. You guys can get off to whatever floats your boat or chips your cookie. And if you find any super interesting hentai videos that would turn heads or harden pricks then be sure to send us the link!

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