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Other websites like Chaturbate


If you have spent any time online at all looking for naked women, then you have probably discovered Chaturbate. It’s one of the most popular websites on the internet. And it’s easy to see why. If you go to the site, you find countless live broadcasts of fully nude women from around the world showing their stuff to anyone and everyone who cares to look.

Besides the solo models, there are couples and even groups on Chaturbate too. So when you get tired of watching Asian, Latina or American women in their early twenties spreading their legs and showing their tits, you click over to watch a muscle bound guy do a fit black chick from the back. What’s not to love?

But is Chaturbate the only website of its kind? This is a fair question to ask. Curiosity killed the cat, but it fuels the mind and our boners too. We have already been down this road and done all the necessary research. Now that we’ve cleaned up the resulting mess and cleaned our hands, we can tell you about all of the sites like Chaturbate.

Webcams are better than porn

As any mainstream media hack looking for click-bait will tell you, the internet is filled with porn. In fact, porn takes up more internet resources than anything else there is. Education, music, and even streaming video do not come close. At the same time, the commercial pay-for-porn model has basically been killed off by the tube sites where you can view all the porn you’d ever want for free.

My Free Cams model with big boobs

Webcams are still making lots of money. Still, some of the original players aren’t nearly as popular and profitable as they used to be. The webcam sites that are doing the best today are the innovators. They have learned how to combined the free sex video that we’ve all come to know and love with a system that makes you want to spend money. It’s really genius if you sit down and think about it.

Chaturbate is the best cam site

Chaturbate is very clearly the best adult webcam site in the world in our opinion. You might say, so what? Who cares what you think? Well, our opinion matters. Collectively we have spent thousands of hours viewing porn, cam shows, and real-life women in the nude. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to women doing sexual stuff for cash.

We don’t know where Chaturbate came from, but it worked itself up into the top position. It used to be that cam models spent most of their time in free chat with their clothes on. Their goal was to tease guys into going private with them. When a guy agreed to pay five dollars a minute, they were treated to a show only they could see. There, the cam models would take off their clothes, dildo their pussies, and do whatever else the paying viewer wanted.

Chaturbate cam site

Many years ago MyFreeCams first broke the mold and started allowing nudity in free chat. Some people said it was crazy. A lot of American cam models complained that it would ruin the webcam hustle forever. Here we are many years later, and webcams are stronger than ever. The lock-and-key pay to see anything model isn’t doing so good.

With the way things go on sites like Chaturbate now, anyone with an internet connection can tune in and look at naked women. They don’t have to sign up for an account or pay anything. If they want to participate in the ongoing live chat, they get a free account. Then if they want to see a model doing something in particular, they tip them some tokens. Or they can spend more tokens and go private like in the old days. The tokens are the way the sites and models make money and it works very well, even with a lot of guys watching for free and contributing nothing but their male gaze. Everyone wins!

Other sites like Chaturbate

Chaturbate wasn’t the first webcam site to do the free show thing. But in just a few year, they have become the best at it. They have a very clear and organized homepage that shows all the available chat rooms. A quick glance shows that they’ve attracted most of the best looking models too. But Chaturbate is not the only game in town. Plenty of other adult webcam sites are still going strong. Any list of the best cam sites would have to include:

We’ve already told you what MyFreeCams is like. It is basically a site like Chaturbate. Some might even say that Chaturbate copied MFC. Who came first, the chicken or the free sex show? Honestly, we’re not sure. But you can still see lots of hot women on My Free Cams without dropping a dime. The main difference is that you can’t see guys or ladyboys on MFC. So it’s tits and pussy only.

Cam Soda is like a new and innovative version of Chaturbate. It might not be long before Cam Soda is the leading webcam site in the world. They’re always in the news with new and exciting features like sex robots and virtual reality. It would be impossible to be bored by the interactive shows going on at Cam Soda, even if you just busted your fifth nut of the day.

The relatively new Bonga Cams is a fresh competitor to Chaturbate. They have a similar model and pricing scheme, but the sites looks a little better. We still think Chaturbate is superior to Bonga Cams, but it’s worth taking a look. You might end up finding a model you like more on Bonga Cams. That’s reason enough to check it out.

Live Jasmin and Sakura Live are both old school cam sites. Live Jasmin recently did a revamp of its layout that looks nice and modern. But the style follows the old model. The broadcasters stay clothed in public chat. If you want them to get naked, you have to pay per minute to take them private. Live Jasmin is still popular, but it’s not what it used to be. Years ago, it was said to be the most popular website in the entire world. Now that title falls to Google.

Sakura Live looks and feels like something from ten years ago. But it’s still worth checking out. That’s because it is the only adult cam site with all Japanese models. If you have a thing for Japanese women, this is the only webcam site for you. Any models claiming to be Japanese on other sites are very likely to be faking it. At Sakura Live, you get the real deal.

Shemale Cams should be pretty self-explanatory. But in these days of PC self censorship and language manipulation it may call for some elaboration. “Shemales” are what the porn world, and much of the general population, called male-to-female transgendered people before everything changed. So in other words if you want to see live sex shows featuring women with penises then this is your place to be.

Nowadays there is a site for every taste. Take for example LivePantyhoseCam! Or even Findom Cams for guys who get off on having their money taken by ungrateful bitches! No matter what you are into you will find some kind of cam site based around it. Or at least some cam model specializing in your fetish. That doesn’t mean they are all good though.

Last but not least, there are Bar Girl Cams. If you are into Filipina and Thai prostitutes, but can’t get to either country for whatever reason, then this website is going to be right up your alley. You can check out lots of fully nude little brown fucking machines from the comfort of your own home. Of course you will need to spend a little money to get the most out of this site, but we think the expense its worth it. It’s the next best thing to being there.

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