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Guide to Singapore’s Geylang red light district


Singapore is a famously strict country. Yet prostitution is legal there, with some caveats. Even though they have a lot of laws in Singapore, they do not outlaw sex work. That is most obvious to see in the Geylang red light district, where hundreds of Asian prostitutes sell sex every day of the year.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Geylang red light district in Singapore. We’ll tell you where to find Geylang. Then we’ll explain how the legal brothels there work. Next we’ll talk about the street prostitutes commonly found in Geylang. Finally, we’ll bring it all together by telling you what sex in Geylang is actually like.

Where is the red light district in Singapore?

There are no official red light districts in Singapore like you find at De Wallen in Amsterdam. At the same time, there are several concentrated places in Singapore where prostitutes offer their services up in a coordinated and organized way. The main sexual area in all of Singapore is definitely Geylang.

Don’t expect to see rows of red-lit windows with hookers standing inside. That’s not exactly how it works. It’s not too much different though. At Geylang you’ll see some prostitutes in the streets. You’ll also see pimps who take you to hotels. Then there are the legalized brothels with neon signs.

Geylang Road was always a main transportation hub linking two parts of the city-state of Singapore. That is what helped build it up. After years it became known as a place for guys to meet prostitutes. And that is still true today. Hilariously, Geylang is also known as a paradise for “foodies.” So don’t be surprised if you encounter a heard of hungry land whales while you are out looking for hookers.

Depending on when you visit, you might see tons of prostitutes waiting for customers in Geylang. Or you might see very quiet streets and fear that you wandered to the wrong place. Rest assured, there are always prostitutes in Geylang. They aren’t always out and in your face, especially nowadays. But they are definitely there!

Legal brothels in Geylang

Geylang is home to many legal brothels. They are basically just converted Chinese houses. They don’t have signs outside saying “sex here.” Instead they have big numbers or Chinese lanterns. You can find the legal brothels all along the alleys that connect to Geylang Road.

The alleys are called “Lor,” and they are numbered. The even numbered Lor are on the south of Geylang Road. So you can’t really get lost. Going up and down the short Lor between Lor 8 and Lor 20 you will see a lot of brothels.

If you go inside a brothel here, you will see the prostitutes available. They usually sit around. Some are behind glass in “fishbowl” style setups. The others are just sitting there in front of you on regular chairs or benches. If you want sex, you just chose one. The prices are between 50 and 200 Singaporean Dollars. There is no tipping.

Geylang brothel

Most of the prostitutes in the brothels come from Mainland China. Next are the Thais. The Chinese brothels only have Chinese women inside. The Thai brothels only have Thai ladies. They are separated like that. The Thais can usually speak some English. The Chinese normally cannot.

Malays sometimes work in the brothels too, but they are rare. You probably won’t see any actual Singaporeans working in brothels. But you will certainly see some male Singaporean customers! When you walk around Geylang you see a mix of local guys, immigrant workers, and maybe one or two tourists.

Lor 24 is known as the budget street. A lot of foreign immigrant laborers go there to have sex with Indian prostitutes. The prices are cheap, and the service is fast and furious. You can get sex there for as little as 10 SGD. There are definitely no high-end escorts on Lor 24!

Street walkers and hotel prostitutes

There are a lot of prostitutes who work Geylang. Not all of them are in the legal brothels. The legal brothels are safest. The women there are supposed to be tested by the government and have work permits. So that means theoretically they will be legal and clean. You never know who you will meet in the streets or hotels. Usually, they’re women on tourist visas who don’t have permission to work.

The pimps standing around in Geylang will offer to take you inside of hotels to see prostitutes. When you in these hotels like the big one on Lor 8, you’ll see women in the rooms. They’re usually Chinese. Some of them are really hot too. They charge the same prices as the women in brothels.

Geylang street walkers

On the streets you will find Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian women. You might also see the occasional Cambodian or Filipina. They are totally illegal. When the cops come by on an inspection, you will see them all scatter into the night.

The street walkers are a friendly bunch. They usually try to strike up a deal with you for cheap sex in a nearby hotel. Just be warned they are illegal, like we said. There are even stories of guys getting into real trouble with some of these street prostitutes. We can’t tell you or anyone what to do, but you should be aware of the situation in the area.

What is sex like in Geylang?

If you go into one of the legal brothels, you will get pretty good service. You find the lady you want and pick her. Then you pay the brothel manager. The lady will gather her stuff and then take you back to one of the rooms. They’re just like regular bedrooms. They’re pretty clean too.

First you’ll take a shower. Then she probably will too. After that, she’ll do a little touching and kissing to get you turned on. Then she’ll put a condom on your dick. She’ll suck it and then give you sex in multiple positions. After you bust your nut, you can shower again or just leave.

It really doesn’t get any more complicated than that. You pay money for sex, and then you get it. You get the sex you want. The hooker gets the money she wants. It’s a real win-win situation.

This is just a regular thing that has been going on in Geylang for many years. When you see how normal and easy it can be, you have to wonder why so much work is put into banning prostitution in some parts of the world.

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