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Our review of Magic Table in Bangkok


Magic Table is a hybrid go go and blowjob bar in Bangkok with the kind of VIP room in the back that guys in America wish every titty bar had. While European dudes are spoiled by strip clubs with dancers that have sex for some Euro the Champagne rooms in the US are notoriously expensive yet conservative.

When you go to a place like Magic Table in Bangkok it really changes your perspective on adult entertainment. You start to wonder why lines get drawn where they do and what the real point of it all is. Enough philosophizing though. Onto the review!

All about Magic Table Bangkok

Magic Table is located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 right in the middle of town. It’s got a big porch front with pool tables and plenty of signs. There are usually some ladies out front in kimonos playing pool or messing around on their phones too.

Inside the place is kind of disjointed with lots of different rooms and an uneven floor, but all the action happens in a few main places. The bar to the right is pretty much just for staff. Down and two the left there are two small stages with stripper poles. There are round stools bolted to the ground around the stages.

When you sit at the stages you see what’s so magic about these “tables.” They’re mirrored! So whether you look down or up you get a nice glance at the full works on any of the chicks dancing. That’s because they wear ruffled skirts with no pantie underneath. It reminds us of a popular old folk song in America called “No Panties On The Dance Floor“.

If Magic Table sounds awesome, that’s because it is. We haven’t even talked about the rest of the place yet. It gets a lot better than what you see what you walk in.

What makes the table magic?

We don’t know if Magic Table has any waitresses. We usually just order from one of the dancers who is happy to see anyone in the bar. They then scream the order out to another dancer who isn’t on stage and she goes and yells it to the bar tender. Eventually a drink ends up on the bar. We usually buy drinks for the dancers too. They’re cheap and the dancers get some commission so why not? After all they’re dancing with their clams out. That must make them thirsty.

Magic Table doesn’t have the hottest women on stage but they do get some good looking babes from time to time. Even the worst looking women we’ve seen in there would be average or better in some out of the way titty bars in many other countries, so it’s worth a look.

Special service at Magic Table

More than looking is possible too. There are no lap dances. It’s Thailand, not Belarus. Because it’s Thailand there’s no tipping on stage either. You can sit and watch as long as you’d like, or you can take a lady or two back to the VIP room. It’s like having your own close up view of a live sex cam, but without the need for a camera or screen.

The VIP rooms is just behind the stages. There’s a little tinted sliding window that connects them. The room is big with lots of leather couches and tables and stuff inside. It’s at least as nice as the majority of champagne rooms you see American strip clubs, but bigger.

The price for the VIP room is just 1000 Baht, which is about $30 in US dollars. That’s the price for a lap dance in a lot of bars in America. At Magic Table it gets you about a half hour in the VIP room with a dancer of your choosing who gets fully nude and does a blow job. Seriously! It’s not that surprisingly though considering that the famous Dr BJ’s blow job bar when you walk in and get your dick sucked for a couple of bucks is almost right next door.

The dancers at Magic Table will have sex with customers too. In that they’re like the dancers at all the other go go bars in Thailand. The price is similar to other clubs at 1000 or 1500 Baht. It’s ultimately up to the dancers though whether or not they want to bang someone. The bars don’t set the prices for sex. We guess they’re “independent contractors” just like the strippers at Rick’s in New York City.

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