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How to meet women in the Hague


The Hague is famous as the seat of the International Criminal Court. Media even use the name “The Hague” as shorthand for this institution. It’s actually a major city in the Netherlands though, and a lot of regular people live there including plenty of hot chicks. It only follows that you might want to know how to meet women in the Hague. We are here to help!

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about meeting women in the Hague. We will tell you about meeting women in your regular daily life. Then we’ll talk about all the nightlife options. After that, we will tell you how to meet horny women and couples who like casual sex. Finally, we’ll tell you about all the legal prostitution options in town.

Women in the Hague

The Netherlands is a kind of progressive place. The women are modern, for whatever that means. For guys who want to get some quick and easy sex, it means basically two things. On the one hand, the women are sexually liberated and not afraid of being “slut shamed.” On the other hand, the women are defensive against toxic masculinity. This is what you call a double-edged sword.

Slutty European gym rats on a run

It is absolutely possible to meet women for casual sex, dating or even marriage in the Hague. In some ways it is easier to hook-up in the Hague than a lot of other cities. It just depends on you, and what else you want to compare it to. For example, it will definitely be easier to bang a regular chick you meet in a bar in the Hague than it would be to do the same thing in Yangon! And that’s true no matter who you are.

You will meet a lot of gym rats and organic backpacker graduate student types in the Hague. But it is just as easy to meet wild and free chicks partying in the clubs at night and flashing their tits in the street. Sometimes it is the same chicks, just at different times of the day. Just keep your eyes open and be prepared for what’s to come.

Where to pick up women in the Hague

The Hague is like anywhere else in that you can always meet women by trying out your day game skills. An added advantage in the Hague is that all of the Dutch women can speak English. So you don’t need to learn a second language to try to pick up ladies.

At the same time, a lot of the women in the Hague are going to appear cold to many visitors. They walk around looking like they are busy. A lot of them won’t even stop to chat with you on the street if you initiate. So stick to captive audiences in places like cafes if you want to try to pick up during the day.

Otherwise, the main place to score free sex in the Hague is going to be in bars and nightclubs. That’s no surprise in Europe. A good thing here is that most Dutch women drink. And they are friendly and talkative in the bars.

Some of the best nightlife spots to meet Dutch women in the Hague are:

  • De Gekke Geit (Lutherse Burgwal 5)
  • The Fiddler (Riviervismarkt 1)
  • Pip (Binckhorstlaan 36)
  • Danzig (Lange Houtstraat 9)
  • De Zwarte Ruiter (Grote Markt 27)
  • Vavoom (Grote Markt 29)

You might notice that most of the best nightlife is located around Grote Market. That’s the wild place to be when the sun goes down. You will find as many women as you could ever want there. Of course, that is no guarantee that you’ll actually get any of them into bed with. That is always going to require some degree of skill and charm. But you don’t need to worry too much. Because you always have another option in the Hague!

One major possibility is to hop on Adult Friend Finder and search for some horny Dutch women in the Hague. There are a lot of swingers and kinky chicks in the Netherlands. It’s a really free and open place. They’ve been doing porn, sex clubs and more for years. Look up the history and you’ll see what we mean. Or just find a kinky chick or couple on AFF. And if that doesn’t work, you always have one sure fire last resort.

Prostitution in the Hague

It is no secret that prostitution is totally legal in the Netherlands. Sure, Amsterdam is famous for prostitution. But you can find it all over the country. So you never really need to worry about striking out when you’re in the Hague. As long as you have some money, you can always get it wet in this city!

There are two main red light districts in the Hague. One is called Geleenstraat & Hunsestraat. There are almost 150 red-lit windows there. A lot of people think it is even better than the famous De Wallen red light district in Amsterdam. The price is normally 50 Euros for 15 minutes of sex. Some of the women are model quality hot. But most of them are going to be pretty average. If you want a blowjob or multiple positions, you better ask for it up front!

Doublestraat is the other red light district in town. It’s not nearly as big as Geleenstraat & Hunsestraat. The women aren’t usually as good looking either. But this is the place to go if you are on a budget. You’ll see a lot of working class Dutch dudes here looking to blow off steam. It’s a good enough place to catch your nut instead of walking around with blue balls. Sex and a blowjob should only be 30 Euros. Again, just make sure you spell out what you want before you agree on going inside. Some of the prostitutes just want you to do a quick pump and dump in a single position. So they just lift their skirt and pull their panties to the side long enough for you to blow your wad. Then they send you back out the door.

If you have some money to blow, you’ll be much better served at a famous brothel like Mayfair. This place is known all around the country. The Mayfair branch in The Hague has a lot of really hot European women working inside. And you can relax in a luxury-style room while you have sex with them in how ever many positions you want. The price is a lot higher at 200 Euros per hour, but you get a much better service. It’s worth the added expense if you value the experience and want to do it with a hooker than looks like a European model. Just be careful about buying lady drinks here. They only do champagne. A glass isn’t too expensive. But a whole bottle can cost more than 2000 Euros!

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