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Guide to happy ending massage in Sydney, Australia


Looking for a massage parlor that offers happy endings can be a daunting task in Sydney. You can often find yourself wondering what exactly goes on inside individual massage parlors. You’ll likely also spend a lot of time wondering which places actually even offer happy ending massage in Sydney. No massage parlor is going to list the service on its front window.

You need to recognize the calling signs of the places you want. There are few things that you can look for to know enough about a place. Once you have a good idea that a happy ending is offered, you can head right in and have a great time.

Hours of operation

This is something that you can easily check out. Simply ask yourself if you could visit your doctor when the massage parlor is open. We’re not talking about urgent care. We’re talking about general medical services. That’s pretty much what a massage is after all.

Finding a place that’s open until 10pm or later is a great indicator that there’s something going on. No one needs a rub down that late and the parlors know that. The later hours are when they cater to men who want a little bit extra. It’s their livelihood and they know all about how men operate.

Look through the window

The second thing to notice is the storefront. Chances are high that it’s a respectable establishment if you can see right in. Having the front desk and customers in full view of the street means that no one has anything to hide. That’s not what you’re looking for. What you want is a place that has its windows covered. It doesn’t matter if they use drapes or signs. There are always secrets inside when the windows are covered. Those are the front doors that you want to walk through.

Using the back door

Another great sign is a parlor with a rear entrance. This is where all of the men looking for action head in. It will be on the opposite side from the street. The signage will be light. This will allow you to head in without being recognized by polite society. Many men prefer this and it’s the reason that the second entrance exists. All you need to do is find a parlor with one. March right in and expect to have a great time with a masseuse who knows exactly what you want.

There are so many rub and tug places in Sydney that finding one is only a matter of time. You just need to do a little homework to make sure you’re in the right place. There’s nothing worse than asking for a happy ending from a legitimate masseuse. Just scope a place out first. You can make your move after you see the calling signs. A whole world of handjobs exists just below the surface of what you see on a daily basis. Step into it and you’ll never be happier with everything that you experience.

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