GFE escorts in Japan

Guide to GFE Escorts in Japan


GFE Escorts is a major agency in Japan that caters to foreign customers. Prostitution is legal and regulated in Japan. Yet most of the places offering prostitution services there are only open to Japanese guys. GFE is a major exception that welcomes non-Japanese “gaijin” customers.

Many people want to know how much red light districts cost in Japan. Or even if red light districts are illegal. While there are established legal red light districts in Japan, most guys prefer services of legal Japanese escort agencies that deliver women directly to hotel rooms!

In this guide to GFE escorts we will break down the way this gaijin friendly escort agency in Japan operates. We will tell you all you need to know about booking, prices, services and the many escorts working at the agency.

Girl Friend Experience in Japan

In the escort industry “GFE” stands for girlfriend experience. This denotes a type of service that is more intimate than mechanical. An escort who is said to offer “the girlfriend experience”, or GFE, is one who treats her customers more like lovers than clients.

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GFE Escorts in Japan operates all over the country. They have a team of escorts on call in the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. The available women on any given day can easily by found by checking the escort schedule on the GFE website. The English-speaking staff can also help with this.

There are different sorts of women working at GFE Japan. Most of the women are 100 percent Japanese, but they also have some half-Japanese women. A couple of the women appear to be fully Caucasian! There are girl next door types as well as full-fledged Japanese porn stars.

GFE Escort service

As we said up front, prostitution is actually legal in Japan. At the same time, it is also a regulated industry. GFE Escorts is fully legal and licensed. So of course, they follow the laws put in place by the Japanese government when it comes to sex work.

What does this mean to the end user? It is totally legal to give an escort money in Japan. In exchange, she can give you all kinds of services including kissing, touching, licking, sucking, stroking, rubbing, and even anal sex! On the other hand, she cannot let you fuck her pussy for money. This might sound strange, but these are the laws of the land. We didn’t make them up! It’s just the way things are in Japan.

In our experience, it’s still totally possible to have a fantastic time with Japanese escorts without breaking the rules. With a GFE Escort session you get washed, touched, licked and sucked by a sexy Japanese woman!

Some of the more adventurous escorts like Mona in Tokyo even offer extra services including facials, cum swallowing, butt fucking, threesomes and vibrator play. For an additional fee, she’ll even let you take pictures or videos!

Japan escort prices

By now you’re probably wondering how much this all costs. The truth is that the prices are quite reasonable. Especially when you consider that Japan is supposedly one of the most expensive countries on earth. While taxis in Tokyo are undoubtedly pricey, we find the prices at Japanese escort agencies to be totally fair.

At GFE Escorts in Japan a 60-minute session can cost as little as 23,000¥. That’s about $160 in American money for one hour with a sexy Japanese woman. It includes all the standards like kissing, shower play, handjob and a blowjob.

20-year-old Japanese escort

Of course some of the ladies will charge a bit more than others. Still, the rates seem totally reasonable to us. For example, some of the GFE Escorts charge 35,000 Yen for an hour. Meanwhile the professional porn stars working here charge 50,000 Yen. So that’s about $350 for an hour with an actual Japanese porn star!

Obviously longer sessions come with additional fees. The same goes for special services like golden showers and sperm eating from the escorts who offer that sort of thing. Still the prices scale on a totally sensible scale. You can get 2 hours with 20-year-old Osaka escort Noel for a mere 36,000 Yen!

How to book a Japanese escort

Finally we come to the end of this GFE escort guide for Japan. How exactly do you book an escort in Japan? If you’ve stumbled upon one of the many Japanese fuzoku pages you might think it is a complicated endeavor. Indeed, it can be for the uninitiated. Especially if you don’t speak Japanese. That is why GFE Escorts is so great! They transact business in English from beginning to end. This makes it all incredibly easy for foreigners to book escorts in Japan.

When you visit the GFE Escorts website you will find that it is all in clear English. There is a schedule that shows all of the escorts available today and on days in the near future. English is also used when you call the number 050-5527-0320 to book a session. Or if you contact GFE Escorts on Line, WeChat, Telegram or WhatsApp.

Once you get in touch with the friendly English-speaking staff at GFE Escorts you can either select one of the women on the schedule or ask for a recommendation. The people at GFE Escorts are well trained and experienced. If you let them know what you are looking for they will connect you with the best possible match from their roster.

GFE Escorts is an outcall operation. So they will dispatch your chosen escort to your apartment or hotel room. You only need provide some basic information like your name. They accept cash or credit card payments and everything is done discreetly and professionally. GFE Escorts is one of the best options for escorts in Japan.

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