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Our review of Daisy Dream Soapy and Nuru Massage in Bangkok


Daisy Dream is one of the best nuru and soapy massage providers in all of Bangkok. In a town where the choices seem endless some places stand above the others. Daisy Dream is like a monument of Bangkok erotic massage.

With an incredible and elaborate facility and a lineup of the sexiest and most skilled sensual massage practitioners in Bangkok, Daisy Dream is the place to go for expert treatment. Here you can get a happy ending in style while soaking in the lavish surroundings. You feel like a champion from the moment you step inside.

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What makes this place so good? Well let us count the ways. The prices are right. The building is beautiful. The women are gorgeous. The massages are top rate. The entire staff from the management on down treats you like royalty. What else could you really ask for? This place is not run of the mill or average. Daisy Dream is the cream of the crop when it comes to soapy and nuru massage in Bangkok.

Did you ever want to luxuriate in gorgeous architectural surroundings while a beautiful Asian woman rubbed every single part of your body? Some might think this is only a fantasy or a dream. In fact, it is exactly what Daisy Dream offers to all of its customers on a daily basis! Read on for the rest our review of this Bangkok soapy and massage paradise.

Daisy Dream Bangkok information

Here’s the basic information you need to know about Daisy Dream. It is located just off of Sukhumvit Soi 33. This is a nice central location that is very easy to reach. You can get there by taxi, motor taxi, bus or BTS train.

To get to Daisy Dream enter Soi 33 and take the third right. This will put you in a small side street. You will see Daisy Dream there plain as day. It’s right at the end of the street on the right hand side. There is a nice big sign to mark the spot.

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What time is Daisy Dream open? They have a full twelve hour shift each day. This erotic massage parlor opens at Noon and closes at Midnight. So you have plenty of time to visit and get busy.

If you want to contact Daisy Dream to book an appointment or just ask a question, use Line. Line is the top messaging app in Thailand. Everyone there has it. You can add it to your phone quickly and easily. Plus, it’s free. If you have Line you can add @daisydream_massage to get in touch with Daisy Dream.

Happy ending massage in Bangkok

If you guys know anything about Bangkok then you already know how easy it is to get a happy ending massage there. Let’s be honest. Bangkok has so many happy massage parlors that a guy could even get a happy ending massage by accident! One minute you’re strolling down Sukhumvit looking for something to do. The next thing you know, you’re getting a four hand oily massage behind a curtain!

Yet not all happy ending massages are the same. The basic rub and tug might impress a tourist who is in the city for the first time. Real aficionados like us look for the highest standards of service. You can’t find that in a basic massage parlor where old ladies give tug jobs for tips. You need to seek out the state of the art places that are designed for men’s pleasure. Daisy Dream is exactly that!

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Daisy Dream has features that you might expect to find in a luxury spa. Except that here there are beautiful women around who will rub their naked bodies up against yours! What are we talking about? Here are just some of the things you can find at Daisy Dream:

  • 5-star hotel level linens
  • Walk-in rainfall showers
  • Full sound systems
  • Mood lighting
  • Room service

So this isn’t just some shack with mattresses on the floor. Daisy Dream is a full-on soapy and nuru massage parlor. You know from the minute you walk in that you have fallen into the lap of luxury. They’ve spared no expense. Even the lobby is decorated wonderfully with a classic Shanghai style that is really impressive. It’s not just a facade either. The private rooms are just as good. You can even order up a drink right to your bed in the middle of a session with a super sexy Thai babe!

Bangkok nuru and soapy massage

By now you are probably wondering how much this all costs. After all a stupendous nuru or soapy massage has to be expensive, right? Well that’s just not the case here. One of the best things about Bangkok erotic massage is the price. Even at Daisy Dream which is like a 5 star hotel or better even the average guy can afford a sensual full service body rub.

Case in point: you can get a 40-minute session in the deluxe room for 2000 Baht. Add 500 Baht more for the full hour. A one hour nuru massage is 3000 Baht. Or you can get a 90 minute nuru session in the VIP Jacuzzi room for 5000 Baht.

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We’re talking about real Bangkok nuru massage too. Not the phony job where some unskilled grandma throws some gel on your back before beating you off. Daisy Dream does the full nuru massage with all the real equipment. They’ve got the authentic Japanese vinyl nuru mat and they use real nuru gel. After you get soaped up and rinsed one of the beautiful babes will cover her naked body in hot slippery gel and climb all over you. This is one of the best experiences a guy can have. Trust us!

A nuru massage at Daisy Dream is just like a real nuru massage in Japan. Except that is a lot cheaper. Not to mention that Daisy Dream is fully open to people from all around the world. You don’t need to worry about a language barrier or any kind of discrimination here. If you’re a clean upstanding guy you can walk right in and enjoy all that this shop has to offer.

Top notch Bangkok erotic massage

So what happens when you walk into Daisy Dream? Assuming you didn’t contact them in advance to make an appointment you’ll be welcomed by the lady at the front counter. You can tell her how long you want to play around inside. Then she will call out all the massage ladies.

While you kick back and relax on a comfortable sofa a bunch of very sexy Thai women in nice tight clothes with line up in front of you. You can look over the ladies and decide which one you want to massage you. Of course you also have the option of taking more than one lady at a time! Couples and single women will even come in for erotic massages here. So you don’t need to feel embarrassed or anything. Indeed the people here will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

VIP bangkok erotic massage

Once you pick your lady she will guide you through the building into one of the many amazing private rooms. There you can get comfortable while. She will undress herself and you. Then she’ll take you into the stylish black bathroom and wash you head to toe, using her supple wet body as the washcloth! Next you’re off to lay down on the comfortable inflatable mat. Your masseuse prepares by slathering you in warm slippery nuru gel. Then she covers herself in the same.

From there you’re off to heaven as she sensually slides all over your body. You will feel everything as you enjoy a true full body massage. Remember to keep your eyes open as you will certainly catch some of the best views of your life. It gets even better as she slips on a sheath and then slips you inside for the full service finale. It’s really something to experience.

And that’s just a standard session. All kinds of things are possible here. Especially if you splurge a little extra for the VIP Jacuzzi room. In our judgement that is more than worth the extra money. Who doesn’t want to soak in hot water with some beautiful naked babes? It’s one of the best ways to spend a few hours in Bangkok. Especially when followed up with a full service nuru massage. Daisy Dream ticks all the boxes. We love it!

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