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Are you guys into feet? There is no need to be shy about it. Studies show that half of people with fetishes are into women’s feet. Some have particular interests in things like high heels, toe rings, ankle bracelets, or even stinky socks. As a team of dedicated pervert researches we are certainly not here to judge.

If you have even an inkling of a foot fetish than you definitely want to know about the best feet cam sites out there. We have put in the research to find the top sites for guys who like ankles, toes and soles, and the results are in.

So now we are going to break down the subject of foot fetish cam sites from top to bottom. Whether you are into fully nude women with painted toe nails or you just like to zone out on a close up of a white MILFs feet we have you covered. Let’s get into it.

Why foot fetish cams?

Where does the foot fetish come from? We’re not psychologists or scientists of any kind, but we’ve heard a lot of supposed origins for this particular podiatric paraphilia. Let’s go through the list of common hypotheses related to the love of feet.

The first idea is that people develop foot fetishes for their mother’s feet. When you’re young and crawling around on the floor it is one of the first things you see. Still, that is pretty crazy. Even by our standards!

Another idea is that guys got into feet around the time that sexually transmitted diseases and infections started going wild. It doesn’t sound all too feasible either. Of course you can’t get chlamydia from fucking feet. At the same time you can’t get it from wrapping your rod in the hair on someone’s head either. Or from banging armpits or the bend behind the knee. So we reject this on it’s face.

The odor thing might be the most realistic of all the foot fetish origin stories. After all, smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. On the other hand a lot of people are into feet or the look of feet but not the smell of a construction worker’s steel toe boots. So this obviously doesn’t apply across the board.

What we can say for sure is that the foot fetish stuff has definitely stepped up in the internet age. You rarely saw feet or especially exposed soles in old school traditionalist porn. Nowadays feet feature prominently in a lot of internet porn. Cam girls especially like to show off the bottoms of their feet while they bang themselves silly with rubber dildos.

Sure, this could just be a case of hidden desires bubbling to the surface with the benefit of relative anonymity, but we don’t necessarily think that’s true. Maybe there was a latent desire among men to fuck funky tootsies. We just think it’s more likely something that has developed among dedicated fappers who have a good visual of feet sex cams models from head to toe.

Top tootsie cam sites

While all of this might help you understand why someone might be into feet, it doesn’t tell you where to find some real time streams of sexy feet yourself. If you’re into feet live sex shows you are probably wondering where to go. Don’t worry about the thing, because we have the answer.

So what are the best foot fucking and live feet cam websites you can find? The truth is that you can see live sock covered kickers and shiny oiled up Asian feet at a variety of places.

That doesn’t mean they are all good. Plus you might have to dig through all kinds of plain Jane vanilla rooms before you finally find a cam star who is up for showing off her soles.

If you a true follower of the foot then you want to go directly to a dedicated foot cam site. That means you want to go directly to Feetcamshows. There you are guaranteed to get exactly what you are looking for: unadulterated nude feet cam shows.

We’ve never found a better place to satisfy a foot fetish in the virtual world than this foot cam site. If you know of any other options please do let us know. We are always on the look out for new sources of foot related adult entertainment.

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